Corporate Lunch

This can be from a range from cold dishes such as:

  • Sushi and wrap platters
  • Bento boxes
  • Individual charcuterie boards
  • Variety of salads

Or a hot two-course lunch featuring dishes such as:

  • Persian lamb pilaff with dried cranberries and coriander
  • Warm nicose salad with fresh tuna and roasted new potatoes
  • Smoked trout and dill tart with pickled cucumber and potato salad
  • Slow braised beef with horseradish and parsley cobbler

followed by dessert from options such as:

  • Vanilla panna cotta
  • Crispy apple tart with cinnamon cream
  • Cheese and biscuits

To be able to provide certain dishes, offices/venues would need a basic in house kitchen.

Prices start at £10 per head

This is just a sample menu to whet your appetite. To discuss your requirements or make a booking, give me a call on 01295 770 804 / 07976 968542 or send me an email.

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